Art Director and Designer

Imagine you are holding a holographic photo of a rose. Now, for some reason you decide to cut that image into 1,000 different pieces. To the naked eye the rose would no longer exist, but within each of the 1,000 pieces lying before you the original image of the rose is intact. My approach to design is similar in that I look for the sum of the indivdual parts, and find the original narrative that makes the project or client unique.

So, instead of cutting a project up into a million pieces, I take a moment and step back to see the various perspectives the project has to offer. I invest time working collaboratively with stakeholders, read, listen, observe, ask questions, listen well and refine.

Clients I've had the pleasure to collaborate with The Ale Apothecary - TBD Agency - 21st Amendment Brewery - Swiss Water Decaf Process - American Licorice Company - JUJU - Adobe - Crux Fermentation Project - Deschutes Brewery - Oregon Chai - BrandNavigation - Park Hyatt - TEDxBend - High Desert Journal - Caldera