Art Director and Designer

“America’s first astronaut chimpanzee floats in space in some surprisingly cool beer packaging that ventures far beyond standard macho marketing.”
Hugh Hart Wired Magazine Chimp Astronaut Spaces Out in 21st Amendment Brewery’s ‘American Icon’ Artwork

“Collaborating with Ben is seamless. The level of detail, collaboration and design excellence that he brought to the project we worked on stood out to me as one of the better partnerships I’ve experienced in my career. His communication, respect for his co-partners and speedy turnarounds made building a product not only extremely satisfying professionally but also added that extra layer of magic that reminds us of why we work in teams. I’d definitely jump at the chance to work with him again and know that wherever he works, his coworkers and employers will find him to be a highly valued member of their company.”
Meg McDonald User Experience Designer at Aria Systems

“The true talents of Benjamin are his endless curiosity, his ability to empirically learn about almost any subject and his acute instinct to find beauty wherever it can be hidden. Undoubtedly, one of the best designers I have worked with.”
Audelino Moreno Senior Art Director at Shine United

“Ben is an inspiration to work with and I don’t throw that word around lightly. He is open-minded, optimistic, nimble-brained and responsive to good input, yet he also brings a perspective and talent that’s so extraordinary that sometimes you just want to get out of his way so he can do his thing. And somehow even as a busy working artist and dad, he keeps his finger on the pulse of all things contemporary and cool, from music and movies to fashion and food to the perfect illustrator for the assignment at hand. He’s also just a lovely human being.”
Angela Reid Creative Director and Writer at TBD Agency

“Ben is a gifted designer. His work is always imaginitive and original without compromising strategy or communication objectives.”
Kevin Smyth Account Executive at TBD Agency

“I have worked with Ben on numerous jobs on various accounts. Ben is one of the most talented designers that I have ever met. Very articulate, detail oriented and creative. A pleasure to work with.”
Steve Tague Photographer of Steve Tague Studios

“It’s always fun to watch Benjamin’s designs take shape. And, curious at the end to see the shape take its final form. Ben has a delightful way of devoting himself to find a creative design solution–– one only he could create.”
Jacqueline Smith Photo Stylist & Designer at Jacqueline Smith & Co.